The Chemistry of Talent …
The Artistry of Media

If your dream is to bring your personality or concept to the masses – whether it be for broadcast, cable or on the web – we are confident that you’ve landed on the right site.

There is a science to developing talent… we call it chemistry. A careful nurturing of a personality’s authentic spark and a coaching process that draws out effortless and compelling appearances.

As veteran television producers who have booked and produced thousands of interviews, we know that to be Media Savvy there is a talent to creating those great moments. Our true love is watching our talented clients receive an Oscar with unforgettable style, engage Oprah with a riveting story and present a corporate vision that transforms a boardroom. We use the demanding high standards of a "Hollywood" presentation in your favor, no matter what the mission.

Media interview coaching produces good storytelling, good exposure, good timing and brand equity. Media Savvy enjoys the trust of the most significant entertainment entities in America. This trust extends to major corporate leaders and their spokespeople. They look to our media coaching for the careful staging of story combined with a strategy for press that includes exposure on the red carpet, in magazines and books, on speaking tours and in corporate presentations.

Our media relations training staff located in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, Portland and Nashville, are all current and former television producers, who know what makes a good guest on a program -- one who is asked back time after time to tell their stories. Some of our discoveries have gone on to be regular series contributors and even hosts of their own programs.↑ top

Media Relations Strategy

The Media Savvy media relations strategy can best be described in three words: Develop, Connect, Produce.

  • Develop - To identify and enhance entertaining properties and unique elements of a person or licensed property.
  • Connect - To match a talent or properties to the appropriate media, distribution or representational outlets.
  • Produce - To guide a property, a personality brand or a corporate powerhouse through production and into millions of homes, computers, TVs, radios and minds.

Our media relations training achieves these realistic goals with Media Coaching, Media Consulting and Production. ↑ top